Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Receives 5 Super Mushsak Aircraft From Pakistan

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In order to enhance its training and operational efficiency, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has acquired five Super Mushsak aircraft from Pakistan.

Chief of Logistics of the NAF headquarters, AVM Garba Bello, who represented the Chief of Air Staff, Air Mashal Sadiq Abubakar, while taking delivery of the aircraft in Kaduna disclosed that the Super Mushsak aircraft received from Pakistan now stood at 10.

According to him the aircraft is for the training of Air Force personnel and also to improve the service air power.

“This will enhance training of our student pilots who will now complete their training within stipulated the time.

“This will get them to go to another form of training in time and finally get them to launch into battle field in the North-East and other parts of the country.”

According to him, the aircraft is modern and has spare parts in the event of repairs and maintenance.

“In the NAF, we have a very strict maintenance culture, we have instructor pilots and engineers on it.”

Team leader of the Pakistan Air Force, Wing Cdr. Zeeshan Ahmed who also spoke at the event, confirmed that 10 super Mushsak planes have been supplied to Nigeria from Pakistan.

This gesture he said would strengthen existing relationship between the two countries and encourage the two armed forces to upscale their synergy.


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