Nike Oshinowo Pumps Up The Volume With Radio Presenters Stephanie Coker & Fade Ogunro

1. Nike Oshinowo

Nike Oshinowo

On tonight’s episode with Late Night with Nike Oshinowo, popular Radio personalities Stephanie Coker and Fade Ogunro promise to provide a tasteful delivery on the rules of engagement in the media world. These ladies have truly lived and emerge to dish out rudiments for a successful career.
2. Fade OgunroFade Ogunro

Both ladies host the Bailey’s boutique show on Beat FM, the impact of these two on the airwaves is like music to the ear of Lagosians. But for them, it is the ‘Magic of the Mic’, being able to capture the fascinated attention of hundreds if not thousands with their mesmerising poise, charismatic approach on contemporary issues and flexibility to rein the answers.
3. Stephanie CokerStephanie Coker

With candid opinions, no holds barred but a flooding threshold of facts, realities and a hundred percent determination. Catch this episode of Late Night with Nike Oshinowo tonight on AIT (DSTV Channel 253).


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