Nokia Store Targets 1m Downloads Per Week From Nigeria

From the current three million applications download on the Nokia Store in Nigeria monthly, the company is aiming to soon hit a million mark per week. According to the company, over one million applications are downloaded on Nokia stores per day globally.



Olumide Balogun, service manager, Nokia West Africa said at a press conference in Lagos, last week that the mobile space was more about consumption, as consumers are now looking for ways to consume applications and information beyond making phone calls and sending short messages.


He said the Nokia Store aimed at providing opportunity for consumers to consume applications and contents on their mobile devices and also download applications on their Nokia phones, saying the store encourages local developers to develop local applications on the Nokia platform.


He said that the company provided a platform for young Nigerian developers to develop apps and send them to Nokia Store to earn money. “As an emerging market, the Nokia store is a service that is available to millions of consumers, that allows other Nigerians distribute their content and earn revenue,” he said.


The Nokia services manager also outlined the opportunities for generating huge income for app developers on the Nokia Store. The opportunities include app purchasing and in-app advertising. The challenge for app developers therefore is to build applications that will attract downloads from millions of Nokia consumers across the world. He said the developer of any application on the Nokia store gets 70 percent of all accruing revenue. Apart from making its platform available, Nokia supports developers in a variety of ways including training and other forms of promotion.


Only recently, the mobile giants organised a competition among app developers across West Africa known as the Create for Millions campaign.In his remark, Bayo Puddicombe, a publisher from Pledge 51 who developed an application that is available on the Nokia Store, revealed that there were over four billion mobile phones in the world, saying it had been projected that by 2014, mobile Internet usage would exceed desktop Internet usage.


He maintained that 61 per cent of mobile users play games and download games apps on their phone, while a lot of them also download social media applications on their devices, adding that the value of mobile industry as at 2011 stood at $33 billion and 81 per cent of game apps are for free.


Puddicombe explained further that Nigeria had a huge market and traffic number, and that the market only need contents to fit in, adding that Nokia is a major stakeholders in enabling local developers and content creators to tap into this opportunity.




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