Nollywood Actress Eniola Badmus Speaks Out Against Body Shamers On Her Instagram

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After receiving harsh comments about her appearance over and over again, Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has taken to Instagram to address her body shamers and cyber bullies.

The ‘Omo Ghetto’ star said she’s constantly bullied for being plus size, pointing out that a lot of people become depressed because of this and when they die, the best critics would do is “put up RIP on their pictures”.

She added that the pressure people put on her because of her weight is “so unbearable” and she begged the critics not to send to to her “early grave”.

“Y’all need to see the amount of body shaming I receive everyday of my life,” she wrote. “Members of the public, do not send me to my early grave. Na chubby I chubby, I no steal your meat.”

This comes after the Yoruba screen goddess clashed with a troll who had an opinion about her weight on Instagram. The follower wrote: “Sometimes you go fat sometimes you go thin which one we want believe gan gan??” Eniola responded: “Watch your life not me… You still have a lot to change about your destiny.”

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