Nollywood Glam! Dayo Amusa & Linda Ejiofor Cover House Of Maliq Magazine’s April Issue

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Nollywood actresses Linda Ejiofor and Dayo Amusa are the cover girls the April 2016 edition of House of Maliq Magazine.

The two light skinned beauties talk careers, inspiration, latest projects, beauty secrets and more!

Read excerpts from their interview below:


Linda Ejiofor 



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3 things that define you…

God, family and my values, most important of which is loyalty.

Why did you choose acting?

I think acting chose me. When I graduated from the University, I wanted to work in advertising. When I auditioned for Tinsel it was because a friend suggested it. I didn’t expect to get selected, but i did. I worked on Tinsel for a while and the director of my very first movie; Midred Okwo saw me on the show and called me into audition for a character in her movie – The Meeting. I got the part and from that point on, it has been more TV, Films and Stage work.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m very shy. People usually don’t expect actors to be shy.

What advice would you give to kids today who look up to you as their inspiration?

Success is never instant, so when you have a conviction to do something, do not give up at the first or tenth hurdle. You need to work hard at it, because practice makes perfect.


Dayo Amusa 



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What inspired you into music and acting?

Acting has always been a big passion for me, it’s been something i had always dreamt doing as far back as my primary school days. So when the opportunity came in, I didn’t hold back because if did hold back then am no good.  Same as Music. Music is something I know I would do even before I joined the entertainment industry. That my parents had seen in me. Though my mum never actually wanted me to be an actress. Now, I am not holding back.

What project are you currently working on?

Doing my pre-production plans towards my new movie project. Also wil be dropping some Singles and Musical video before the last quarter of the year as I will launching out my 1st Album then.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

It happened at Maryland Ikeja. I was driving and this lady who happens to be seated in the car beside me was seriously waving & rolling down at the same time. I did rolled down too to say hello. Then she asked for my number and i politely told her I couldn’t,that I was sorry. You don’t want to know how she switched into insulting me. I was so shocked that i didn’t even know if I should roll up or just keep staring. Wasn’t funny

What is your beauty secret?

I don’t have any beauty secret or routine. All I know is I try to rest & pamper myself the little way I can.

For their shoot, the screen divas glam up in an array of colourful pieces with bold red/pink lips and short hairdos as they strike poses for the camera.


See more photos from the editorial spread below!



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Photography: Studio24 Nigeria,

Creativity &Styling: Malik Zenishia Zainab

Makeup: Omaleecha Makeovers





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