OB Beauty Of The Day: Simi Drey Is The Multi-Media Personality Serving Beauty Goals

Simi Drey OnoBello (4)

Actress, TV presenter and model, Simi Drey slays 24/7!

The Nigerian beauty debuted series of photos from a designer’s campaign on her Instagram, and brought the fire emoji to life. Along with her signature slick back hairdo, red Didi Yong dress and glam makeup, the model looked like a regal princess. 

Although Drey’s makeup artist wasn’t disclosed, we think she might have done it herself. However, if that’s true she sure did one hell of an amazing job. While, YSL Davies shot the images with a stunning vintage feel. We absolutely adore.

Simi Drey OnoBello (5)


Simi Drey OnoBello (2)


Simi Drey OnoBello (1)


Simi Drey OnoBello (3)

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@ysldavies

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