OB Beauty: Watch Alicia Keys Share Her Wellness-Inspired Morning Skincare Routine

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Name a celebrity who epitomizes their skin more than Alicia Keys, we’ll wait.

The Grammy-winning songstress who famously turned going makeup-free into a national conversation back in 2016 took fans through her step by step morning skincare routine in the latest “Beauty Secrets” Vogue video.

After waking up early and potentially doing some meditation or a workout, into the bathroom Keys goes to begin her beauty regimen for the day. First up, lighting a candle and setting an intention for what she’s looking for in the day.

For headwrap routine, Keys’ gives simple advice, especially in these challenging times: “Take that time for yourself and if you feel overwhelmed…escape to your bathroom and just take some breaths in, exhale—do that about 10 times.”

Watch the vlog below and save some tips!

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