OB Beauty: Watch Toni Braxton Share Her Interesting Full-Face Makeup Tutorial

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Whenever celebrities let us in on their beauty tips and tricks its always appreciated, and while we’re usually expecting a DIY homemade hack, Toni Braxton‘s beauty secret for flawless skin certainly did not disappoint.

In the latest episode of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets, the Grammy award-winning singer walked us through her no-fail beauty routine, admitted she uses a unique combination of drugstore products, high-impact cosmetics, and one innovative tool.


“I love doing my own makeup; it kind of relaxes me,” she says. After subtly filling in her arches—“[In] the ‘90s I had a really thin eyebrow look… [but] 2020 gotta have something a little bit heavier,” she explains—she reaches for her vibrator. “This thing right here, OK, I’m going to be honest, it is a vibrator,” she said, while gently pressing the device into her undereye area. “. . . But I call it a face tingler. It tingles the muscles in my face and gets them activated and working. I haven’t used it on anything else other than my face, OK? Just FYI!” Braxton added that she sometimes even puts the vibrator in her freezer to keep it cold. “I just kind of rub it and it just activates all those muscles, gets ’em together. We are working today, we are gonna be cute today!”

Watch the video below:

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