OB Crush: Meet Chukwunonso Arinze, The Nigerian Facilitating Easy Monetary Transactions Across African Borders

Chukwunonso Arinze KAOSHI OnoBello

For this week, OB Crush, we spotlight a dynamic Nigerian in the diaspora making an impact both in Nigeria and globally.

By now we all know about the hassle of sending and/or receiving money from outside the shores of Nigeria, the daunting process of filling of different forms, delay of response, charges for each transaction as well as the never favourable exchange rates, the list goes on.

Our esteemed crush Chukwunonso Arinze is the brilliant mind changing that with his new platform KAOSHI.

KAOSHI is a mobile app that connects money senders across the globe. The app facilitates a peer to peer money swap, circumventing the need to literally send money across borders.

The app tackles the high cost of transferring money to and between African countries, and the hassle of long queues at financial institutions, or buying forex on the black market. Instead, it allows users who want to send money in opposite directions to swap between themselves, which is cheaper and more convenient.

KAOSHI connects users both within and outside of Africa, allowing each to specify the currencies they want to exchange and matching them to users making inverse exchanges.

Chukwunonso’s KAOSHI is a finalist for the 2019 Africa Prize for Engineering by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Chukwunonso is also the founder of CarNanny, a seat incorporated with optic sensors that serve as the internet of baby things about the well-being of a baby. It’s like Amazon Echo in a baby car seat with optic sensors.

CarNanny was a finalist for the 2018 SPIE Startup Challenge. Chukwunonso has a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering; B.Sc in Physics from the University of Texas and a PhD Candidate in Theoretical Physics at the University of Chicago.

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