OB Crush: Paula Aliu Of Cogno-Aid


Gone are those days when mental health was rarely a topic of discussion on any platform.

But through the intervention of social media and the internet, the world has seen its prevalence among the human race and are beginning to address it, however problems still arises such as finding the right person to talk to as well as people actually opening up about it.

The challenge of not finding the right person to talk to who will listen well without judging or downplaying your experience is the largest contributor to the covertness of mental illness. Another issue is financial accessibility as most therapy sessions cost a lot money.

Thanks to our OB Crush this week Paula Aliu, these challenges are being eliminated through the platform she created – Cogno Aid.

Cogno-Aid is an online therapy service that allows clients the ability to have standard remote psycho-therapy (talk-therapy) sessions with mental health therapists. Cogno-Aid, lets patients conveniently and privately connect with licensed mental health practitioners through a web application. With instant messaging and online voice and video calls, Cogno-Aid means anyone can easily consult with a therapist without fear of being stigmatized.

Clients also get access to mental health professionals through a subscription-based account in partnership with Nigeria’s National Medical Board.

It’s a win-win for all parties as clients get the needed help in a secure platform, and professionals reach a greater number of clients.

Paula has been fascinated with computers since she was a toddler and this culminated in her getting a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Lagos.

While in secondary school, Paula struggled to fit in socially and spoke to a counsellor about her challenges. That was when she realised that mental health was highly stigmatized in her community.

Losing a friend to suicide while in the university also pushed her to start Cogno-Aid, to help people access their needed help easily and securely.

Paula is a Windows’ #Insiders4Good Fellow and a freelance software developer and we applaud her for contributing to tackling mental health challenges in Nigeria.

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