OB Crush: Tech & Media Entreprenuer, Chioma Agwuebo Of Tech Her

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Our OB Crush this week is Chioma Agwuebo, a woman using her media and technology knowledge and skills to advance women in general, and women in politics in particular.

Chioma has been involved in everything from civic innovation civil society, community development, elections administration, gender, to human rights, humanitarian relief, and media development, social accountability, youth. Chioma is the founder of TechHer, a platform set up to demystify technology and provide support, learning and collaboration for women in an encouraging and conducive environment.

TechHer believes that if women are exposed to the ways technology enhances their daily activities, they will become more productive and empowered to have a voice in their community. TechHer also provides a platform for technology knowledge exchange amongst women, giving real-time access solutions to their tech-related problems and improving the quality of their lives and ease of doing business through a proper grasp of technology.

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Chioma worked in communications for the #NotTooYoungToRun initiative that led to the passing of legislation that reduced the minimum age requirement for election into Nigeria’s parliament. She’s also a communications and social media strategist at CC Consulting Services Limited where she conducts audits for companies based on product, location, and target audience. She also creates bespoke social media and mobile solutions.

Chioma has a background in media as she served the role of a presenter and newscaster with radio stations in Ibadan and Abuja before joining the BBC World Service Trust as an assistant producer.

Chioma is a Fellow at Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. She’s also an Associate Fellow at Royal Commonwealth Society. She was also a contributor for Huffington Post between 2016 and 2018. She’s a board member at Red Media Africa. She’s being celebrated today for her outstanding work in empowering women in Nigeria and Africa.

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