OB Cuisine: Dinner Inspiration! Muyi Cuisine’s Fisherman Soup And Cabbage Fufu

Fisherman Soup OnoBello (1)

For those who love seafood, this Fisherman Soup offering from Muyi Cuisine is definitely for you. You can use all your favorite seafood to prepare this soup. Feel free to be flexible with this recipe and make it your own.

According to the food blogger, “Made the soup with chicken (oh yes forgive me), clams, prawns, tilapia, stock fish and dried catfish…Soup thickened with Achi.”

Miya served with Cabbage Fufu, a low carb keto-friendly fufu meal that every adult needs to add to his or her family menu today to reduce carbs.

See below.

Fisherman Soup OnoBello (2)

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