OB Cuisine: Learn How To Cook Vegetable Soup Differently With Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

Vegetable Stew OnoBello

We’re back with another episode of OB Cuisine and today one of our favourite food vloggers, Diary of a Kitchen Lover is showcasing a special new recipe on how to make vegetable stew with groundnut oil.

As everyone knows, Vegetable stew which is a popular Nigerian delicacy is commonly made with palm oil, but the DOAKL’S founder Tolani is here with a different take and it looks so yummy.

– Vegetable oil
– Onions
– Crayfish
– Pepper mix
– Crayfish powder
– Seasoning
– Smoked cat fish
– Smoked Turkey
– Garlic and basil
– Ugwu leaves

Watch below.

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