OB Cuisine: Learn How To Make This Yummy Senegalese Delicacy With Yetty’s Cookbook’s Recipe

Poulet Yassa OnoBello

Poulet Yassa also known as Chicken Yassa is originally from Senegal and has become popular in some other West African countries.

In this video, fast-rising YouTuber, Yetty’s Cookbook shows us how to make this tasy Senegalese delicacy.

She says, “My Senegalese friend cooked this for me some months ago and I fell in love immediately as a foodie. If you like to explore food recipes like me, then you should try this especially if you love onions.
Make sure to marinate your chicken over the night or for at least 8 hours. You can serve Poulet Yassa with Attieke, Rice, Couscous, Pasta e.t.c.”

Watch and learn.

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