OB Cuisine: You Should Try This Simple Method On How To Make Avocado Oil


Emerging food vlogger, Amy Blossoms has a new DIY video! On this one-minute tutorial, she’s showing “Quick, Fast, and Easy” way to make Avocado oil from the comfort of our kitchen.

“Most of the food we eat can also be used in many different ways and this is one of them,” she says.

“We are in the hammatan season, so this is something you might want to add to your favorite beauty products. Avocado oil has many benefits such as:
✨Helps your skin stay smooth, strong and elastic.
✨calm itchy skin
✨heal chapped skin
✨replenish dry skin
✨hydrate and moisturize skin
✨protect against skin damage
✨acts as a natural sunblock etc…”

Watch and learn below.

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