OB Deisgner Focus: Olajumoke Ademilua Of O’milua

OB Deisgner Focus Olajumoke Ademilua Of O'milua OnoBello
In a country that the fashion industry is fast becoming one of the most viable sectors of the economy, O’milua is one of the talented labels captivating audiences with its cultural elegance.

Founded by Olajumoke Ademilu, O’milua is a contemporary fashion brand based in Lagos, inspired by African art, culture and History. Their designs depict a rich African cultural heritage, beginning with the creative director’s own roots.

Olajumoke’s collections feature extraordinary creations, with traditional Yoruba tie-dye designs, as well as other locally made fabrics. In addition to taking prints to the next level, the O’milua brand is also renowned for its ethical fashion.

In an interview with Mirabelle.com, when asked where she gets her inspiration from and how its being applied to her designs, Olajumoke replied by saying, “I’m usually inspired by any culture from any part of the world. But being a Nigerian I deem it necessary to be inspired by my own culture, history, people and heritage.

For me, interpreting my heritage through my designs is like making a piece of art. In most cases I create my prints using the traditional tie-dye method but in all, I keep my designs contemporary, simple and fashion forward.”

See photos from Omilua’s past collections below.

OB Deisgner Focus Olajumoke Ademilua Of O'milua OnoBello (2)


OB Deisgner Focus Olajumoke Ademilua Of O'milua OnoBello (1)























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