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L-R: Tomiwa Tegbe, Angel Funto Johnson, Folu Storms, David Jones David, Ini Dima-Okojie, Akah Nnani, Pearl Okorie, Maurice Sam and Nancy Isime

EbonyLife TV recently premiered the second season of its exciting series “On the Real” and the reviews and buzz on social media that trailed the release have been nothing short of amazing.

Not only did the cast do justice to the high-level anticipation on the part of lovers of the series, they delivered top-notch entertainment as they took us all into the crazy, scandalous and action packed life of their characters – five young and beautiful Nigerian reality Television stars (Faridah, Wana, Efosa, Amaka and BJ) and their foul-mouthed producer, Lolu.

Produced by Temidayo Abudu, the series does blur the lines between the reality stars and their on-screen lives and also goes ahead to show the extent people would go for fame and fortune.

“”On the Real” is a unique series which the millennial audience will connect to in different ways. With characters constantly getting involved in outrageous and illegal activities, there are no dull moments. It’s a must-watch every week,” Abudu said excitedly of the new season and its online premiere.

“On the Real” airs on Wednesdays at 8.30pm WAT (9.30 CAT) on EbonyLife TV, DStv 165. The first episode is available on EbonyLife TV’s YouTube channel.

In this interview with OnoBello.com, some of the cast of the Television series Angel Funto Johnson (Wana), David Jones David ( Lolu), Ini Dima-Okojie (Faridah), Akah Nnani (Efosa), Maurice Sam (BJ) and Nancy Isime (Amaka) take us through interesting facts about them we probably didn’t know.



David Jones David

David Jones David On the Real Cast Onobello.com--6


David Jones David plays Lolu in the show and actor did have quite a few interesting things about himself to share.

On when he discovered his love for acting, he said,

I decided to be an actor when it seemed like I was really struggling to get my music career going. I wanted to use the acting platform to gain some kind of recognition that would boost my music career. Now am stuck.”

About his favourite meal, David’s pick was unripe plantain pottage and he revealed his song of the moment – Despacito by Luis Fonsi.

On his decision to be part of “On the Real”, he said,

““On the Real” is a dream come true for Temidayo Abudu who is the producer. I like that I am privileged to be a fraction that makes up this huge success of a dream come true.”

When asked what he shares in common with his character he simply saidI love to look good, so does Lolu.”


Ini Dima-Okojie


Ini Dima-Okojie On the Real Cast Onobello.com--3

For Ini Dima-Okojie, her decision to be part of “On the Real” revolved around the daringness of the show in which she played “Faridah”. Talking about her personal life, she told OnoBello.com that when it came to music, her choice would be Rock/Pop; right now, the Nollywood star is obsessed with twenty-one pilots’ recent album.

Ini is proudly a member of the “DodoNation”. “I love Plantain!!!! In all its glory,” she said excitedly when asked about her favourite meal.

On her character in the series, she said “Faridah is so different from me. But a few things we certainty have in common is how ambitious and driven we are, and our love for fashion.

Talking about when she discovered her love for acting, she said she had always gravitated towards the arts.

“I always wanted to be an actor. As a teenager I would fantasize about winning an Oscar. but to me it seemed like something I was only allowed fantasize about. After sometime I couldn’t run away from it anymore, and I finally allowed myself go after it,”she said.


Akah Nnani


Akah NNani On the Real Cast Onobello.com--5

Akah Nnani has gone from being one of the “shady bunch” on The Shady Corner Web Show to being one of the newest Nollywood favourites with his amazing show of talent in his recent movies and series including Banana Island Ghost and “On the Real”.

On when he discovered his love for acting, he tell us:

“Acting has always been a part of me. I have always been dramatic and always made impressions of what I saw on TV or of people around me and all of that just added to my thrill of seeing actors on TV re-live the lives of other people on screen. I think that’s what it is. I’ve always been thrilled by the power of an actor to tell stories with his body and live another person’s life.”

For his favourite meals, the actor had quite a struggle making his choice. “Gosh. I can’t pick any particular one. I love good food. I’m adventurous too. So, my love is vast. From boiled corn on the road to Lobster Truffle Gnocchi,” he gushed at the mention of food.

For Akah, deciding to be part of “On the Real” had to do with the people and how their excellence becomes a motivation. “The people I work with are amazing. And then just the motivation to be your best cos everyone is on their A game and that challenges you.

On his favourite music, he said he was listening to a lot of gospel now, “Lol. I’m on this spiritual journey now. So, I’d say ‘way maker’ by Sinach.”

Comparing himself and his character in the show, he told us that he thought himself and ‘Efosa’, his character on “On the Real” had in common was that they both seemed to be underestimated. “ Lol. But then we get to prove ourselves. We evolve. Efosa is taken for face value, fine boy, aje butter… But he’s so much deeper than that,” he was quick to add.


Nancy Isime

Nancy On the Real Cast Onobello.com-

Nancy Isime who plays Amaka told us that acting was never part of the plan for her as she happened to land a role and while she was at it at the time for the money, it grew into being a profession.

“I never decided to be an actor. It just happened. I got invited to Tv series audition during my modelling days and was chosen for a role. At the time, it was just for the extra cash. But as time went by, it became a profession.”

On being a part of “On the Real”, she said she found the show to be absolutely different from what anyone was used to on TV and her shared features with her character would be her ability to stay calm even when her whole world was being thrown upside down.

Talking about meals and music, Nancy’s revealed her favourite meal to be Pounded yam and Egusi soup and her song of the moment – Tonight by Nonso Amadi.


Maurice Sam

On the Real Cast Onobello.com--4

Maurice Sam who plays BJ in the series is in the industry because he wanted to kiss all the hot Nollywood actresses and still term it “working”, well…so he said, but then he added “haaahaha…just joking!”

“I love storytelling. I always wanted to walk in other people’s shoes, feel their pain, joy and see life from different perspectives. Acting helps me do that,” he said when poked to talk about his discovery of his love for action.


“As a kid, I would see actors on screen and say to my mum that she will see me on TV too when I grow up. However, growing up, I was a very shy kid but some part of me wanted to be a public figure (actor) so bad… I always assumed different characters in front of my mirror. Ranging from a fighter to a Prince, a villain, mad man, pastor and a lot more.


“Did I mention “soundtracks?” I loved and still love to listen to the songs from movies especially sick tunes from home videos. I used to think they played it for the actors while they act out scenes to help motivate them… how naive I was. I imagined and dreamt of being an actor since I was 10 or there about. So far dreams come true and I’m grateful for my journey thus far,” he shared.

On meals, Maurice is yet another member of the “DodoNation”, He did say he admits to “being a foodie and I eat almost anything as long as it’s good food but i have this special love affair with plantain a.k.a dodo, so it’s safe to say plantain is my favourite meal of all time.”

On the decision to be a part of “On the Real, he said:

“Hmmm… What’s not to love with being “On the Real”?? However, what I’d say tickles my fancy the most is the fact that it is fresh, young and hippie, it’s one of a kind and the idea has really not been tapped into in this part of the world…. you know… (Another make-believe world in a make-believe world) such a breath of fresh air. I like being part of something new and amaaaazing… and the character I play.. whooooaaassshhhh!!!

I’m proud to be on “On the Real””

For Maurice, the major similarity between himself and the character would be “the “Hustle” Just like the character BJ, Maurice tries to make ends meet although he does it in a completely different and more honest means.”

As a music lover, I’m currently listening to so many songs, but some of the songs on my playlist at the moment are “now or never” by Halsey, Davido’s Fall,” he said when asked about his choice of music.


Angel Funto Johnson 

Funto Johnson On the Real Cast Onobello.com--2


For Angel Funto Johnson who plays Wana on the show, she had always been dramatic in nature and appreciated creative arts a whole lot hence she always knew that acting was her thing.

“Aside being a born drama queen (I prefer to say performer), I’ve always appreciated the creative arts. Growing up, I’ve performed on stage at every opportunity as well as studying it at GCSE and A Level. If I got paid £1 for every time someone has said to me “you should be an actress”, I would have been a millionaire by now (hang around me long enough, you’ll understand why).


I believe that it was always only a matter of time and whilst it’s taken me a quite an age to get in front of the camera, I’m so grateful to the producer and of course to God, for giving me the chance and believing in me. I hope and pray that there’ll be many more seasons of the series, giving me the opportunity to grow and to showcase what I’m truly made of.” She said.

On the decision to be part of “On the real” and what she loved about it, she said,

“How much time do you have? I love everything about it…every bit of the process, from the table read, to acting it out in front of the camera to seeing the whole picture on the screen. The way we shot season 2, not everyone was on set at the same time so I’m seeing a lot of the scenes for the first time and I’m like “yoooo, you guys did that?!” I’ve enjoyed seeing how each character’s story has developed since season 1. I know it’s cliché, but we all genuinely get on well so I love how we’re like one big happy family and that’s including the whole production team!”

For her favourite songs of the moment, the drama queen had quite a long list.

“I’m an oldie and I constantly live in the 90’s…so I’m always listening to songs from way back like UB40, Seal, Soul 4 Real, Shanice, En Vogue, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Jodeci just to name a few…gosh, they don’t make music like they used to.”

Talking about meals, Wana confessed she was more of a “snacker” than a foodie but if she had to pick, it would be beans and plantain”…definitely beans and plantain or chicken and plantain.

“The similarities between Wana and I? I’d say the only thing we have in common is that we’re both British hahaha! Wana is a very interesting character, she loves partying, being the centre of attention and living life in the fast lane. I’m quite a bit older than Wana so I can’t afford to live my life in her kind of fast lane hahaha, she lives for today and doesn’t really give much thought about tomorrow…Miss Johnson does. I like partying but in moderation, Wana is just overboard,” she said when asked to describe the similarities between herself and the character she played.


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