OB Fashion: E X T R A! Fashion Editorial Spreads that Celebrate Black Hair

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There is nothing more beautiful than a black woman who embraces her natural tresses. While this is a truth that we’ve always known, natural hair has rarely ever been considered front cover worthy. Black women have been forced to confine to Euro-centric beauty standards for decades in the fashion industry. But in recent years, black women have reclaimed their own standard of beauty and the industry has taken notice and we have shattered the conventions and are now representing what authentic black beauty truly looks like.

Here’s our OnoBello.com July 2018 Fashion editorial titled EXTRA that celebrates moments in black hair.

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OnoBello Fashion Editorial-3


OnoBello Fashion Editorial-4


OnoBello Fashion Editorial-5


OnoBello Fashion Editorial-6


OnoBello Fashion Editorial-7


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OnoBello Fashion Editorial-10


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OnoBello Fashion Editorial-12


Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Ono Bello (Instagram @onodiary)

Photographer: Ayo Alasi (Instagram: @ayoalasi)

Model: Efemena (Instagram: @enaesigie)

Styling: Worldcharming Smart Courage (Instagram: @infoworldcharming)

Hair: Idowu Oluwatosin (Instagram: @highdtosin)

Makeup: Chinyere George (Instagram: @ceeyonceemua)

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