OB Relationships: I love Him But He Keeps Touching My Younger Siblings!


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It all started when we were courting. Those times, he would be extremely nice to my friends and I was really happy because I thought that was how he was.

When I say he was nice I mean he was spending on each of them even when I wasn’t with them. He was nice and my friends were always saying they like him and that they haven’t seen a man this nice.

I started getting excited about our relationship. Before we got married I realized my husband was having an affair with each of my friends he spends on and I was here busy telling him thank you for being nice to them.

I broke down, wanted to end the relationship but he begged, he said it was a mistake that he wouldn’t do such a thing anymore because I loved him, I decided to stay.

Its been just 6 months and Im at the verge of ending my life because I cant take it anymore. My husband has been sleeping with every girl that comes to visit when I am not around and even when I am around.

When I knew I couldn’t take it anymore was when my younger siblings came around to stay for the holiday and I realize he has been sleeping with the three of them, he even  makes them touch themselves to please him. They couldn’t say anything because he spoils them with money, phones and trendy things.

My husband has crossed the line and now I am very ready to leave the relationship. I am tired of him embarrassing me every time. whats the problem, is it that I dont give him enough sex or what??

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