OB Relationships: He Betrayed Me Once, Won’t He Do It Again?


Hello OnoBello, I would appreciate if you can give a response to my question as soon as possible. Immediately after my secondary school education, I started dating this guy I met at a friend’s party. We were both trying to get admission into the university at the same time but he got admitted before me.

Due to the fact that his family wasn’t financially buoyant at the time, I decided to give him my own money for his fees. Not long after I went for a diploma course and all the while I was still sponsoring his own education. When he ended his degree program, he called me and said he was sorry he couldn’t continue with the relationship because I wasn’t on the same level with him anymore.

I almost ran mad and was later hospitalised for almost a month because of the trauma I suffered. Months later I got an opportunity to travel out of the country for a course and I was away for a while. It was during this period my ex started calling again. He said he was sorry and he really wanted to make it up to me. I shunned him after that and stopped picking his call till I came back to Nigeria.

Some days after getting back his younger sister whom I had kept contact with came to visit with his mum, I was surprised but welcomed them. They later went on to say they came to apologise on behalf of my ex and that I should forgive him. They said a lot of other things I can’t recall at the moment but the long and short of it is that I had to walk them out of my apartment. Though I later felt bad, but did I overreact or I did the right thing?

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