OB Relationships: He Was Never There For Us Now He Wants His Son

OB Relationships OnoBello

For today’s OB Relationships our reader sent:

“During my youth service three years ago, I got pregnant but because I had a disagreement with the father of my baby at that time, he denied being responsible for my pregnant state and even though he knew I was far away from home and had no one to turn to, he still sent me away.

For a while I stayed with a friend who took pity on me and I tried taking care of myself with the allowance I was getting but when the burden became too much, I had to tell my parents about my plight. They were very understanding and supported me from there on.

OB Relationships OnoBello

At a point, I decided to call my baby’s father’s parent to tell them about my pregnancy, but after that, he called to warn me to never call his family and that I should take my child to the right father. After that I decided it was best for me to forget about him and his family. Now that my baby is 3-years-old, I have been receiving calls from both his family members and friends wanting to confirm if the baby is actually their son’s.

His friends said he has been going about announcing that he is the father of my child but he hasn’t called me himself to ask me about my son’s well being or how we have been coping all this while. His poor treatment of us has really hardened me and I will never accept him as my child’s father. My parents have been saying I should find a way to meet up with him and we should resolve the matter but I am so angry and bent on keeping my child away from him. Am I wrong to feel this way?”

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