OB Relationships: Is It A Big Deal To Ask My Girlfriend To Change Her Dress Sense?

OB Relationships OnoBello

Dear OnoBello, I would appreciate it if you’d keep my identity anonymous. I seriously need advice. I am not very good at writing things like this, so I will keep it short. I love my girlfriend very dearly and I have been thinking of settling down with her. The only issue we never seem to agree on is her dress sense.

Personally I love looking good and fashionable but my girlfriend is so carefree about her appearance to the point that she can go with our making her hair for months. I have tried to be understanding and overlook it but it is beginning to affect our relationship.

Places that I would have naturally loved to go with her I end up going alone or not going at all because I know she won’t dress appropriately for the occasion.

The last time I tried to touch the subject with her, she didn’t take it well. She accused me of being ashamed of her and not loving her the way she is. Please, what else can I do ensure we don’t continue like this?

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