OB Street Style Look Of The Day: Wande’s Chic Zara Ensemble

Style By Wande's Chic Zara Ensemble OnoBello (2)

It has been a day of epic fashion.

From power suits to clear mules of all shapes and sizes, street style revealed all of the things we love most about the art of dressing. Case in point: Wande‘s blue Zara ensemble that will make you stop in traffic.

Between the well-coordinated combo and metallic beauties, you’ll want to start planning a shopping trip, beware.

The Vancouver-based Nigerian personal stylist did more than provide drool-worthy inspiration for the rest of this week. She reminded us of the style lessons that being fearless in your style has serious payoff.

See another shot below.

Style By Wande's Chic Zara Ensemble OnoBello (1)

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@yeyewandeeo

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