OB Style Inspiration: Want To Nail The Afropop Fashion Culture Like Mr Eazi? Here’s How!

Ashley Verse

Mr Eazi is no doubt one of Nigeria’s most amazing music discoveries, and today we are spotlighting his personal style.

Mr Eazi’s style is a total reflection of who himself, which is effortless and comfortable. The simplicity of his style is quite admirable with some of his go-to looks consisting of short shorts, Ankara print fabrics tailored to perfection, T-shirt’s, hoodies, sweaters, and vintage print shirts.

He mixes contemporary street wear with Afrocentric fabrics and chooses colorful numbers to work with and his appreciation for simplicity and comfort reflects in his choice of clothing. Let’s not forget, his signature unconventional straw hat that looks to be more than just another prop for the star.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get a similar sartorial skill just like Mr Eazi, here’s where it gets good for you.

1. Wear a signature hat


Mr Eazi wears the raffia ones synonymous with herdsmen and miners because of the heavy sun and it has become a fashion staple for him, as he rocks them everywhere. (Oh, and he was a miner so it makes sense why he wears it everywhere)



In line with Ashanti culture, Mr Eazi is a big fan of jewellery – but rather simple ones.

3. Wear for symbolism


If there’s anything, you should be looking out for then it’s this. Mr Eazi says he wears things because of the deep meaning attached to them, so make sure your outfits tell a story or have a story.

4. Be daring with your fashion


And last but not least, Mr Eazi is always trying new things and making statements out of them even if it causes controversy. Stand out with the fiercest prints, colourful and unconventional pieces etc.



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Photo Credit: Instagram.com/mreazi

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