OB Survival Kit Series: CNN African Voices Host Keturah King Set For Website Launch & Food/Travel Blog

Keturah wearing a Weiz Dhurm Franklyn dress

OnoBello.com is kicking off a new weekly feature titled “OB Survival Kit Series”. Each week, we will feature personalities that have carved a niche for themselves in their industries.

In a short but sweet exclusive feature each personality will tell us how they have survived and are thriving in their careers and industries.

Today, we are featuring Keturah King– a hugely experienced TV Presenter, Radio Host and Actress with a proven track record, who has presented a wide variety of programmes including news, Factual Entertainment, Lifestyle and Light Entertainment for Arise TV and CNN African Voices.

She is an accomplished interviewer whose relaxed and friendly style enables her get the most out of her guests, including but not limited to- Hollywood stars such as Kevin Hart and David Oyelowo, International celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Aml Ameen, Notable statesmen such as President Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria, former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, as well as everyday people of all ages, from all walks of life.

After cutting her teeth working as Arise News’ showbiz and fashion correspondent, Keturah began presenting and producing her own weekly entertainment programme called ‘Showbiz Weekly’. She then went on to produce the Nigeria Elections 2015 output for Arise News on location from Nigeria, before becoming the host of ‘African Voices’ on CNN and the face of CNN Africa.

Keturah has previously starred in (London) West End versions of Grease, toured East Africa with the Kenya National Troupe performing The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera and was also in The Fast and The Furious 6.

It’s not all work and no play, as her other interests include travelling, eating out regularly at some of the top restaurants and entertaining at home, which has given her a great knowledge of food and a discerning palate but thankfully, not the accompanying waistline!

Keturah will bring those interests together in her new food and travel blog – www.breakfastbeneaththestars.com, which will launch at the end of September 2016.

Read our very interesting encounter with Keturah below!

OB: What’s your advise for those who want to break into television?

KK: Be yourself. Be original. Be authentic. I say that to say this: when I was younger, I was constantly made to feel as though I was too loud, too gregarious, too exuberant…but these are all things that translate really well on screen. So, remain true to yourself and it’ll fall into place.

OB: Have you always seen TV presenting as a viable career?

KK: Certainly. I’ve only ever wanted to work in media – there is no plan B. When you realise that you have no safety net, you go after your dreams with the ferociousness of a lion.

OB: Do you think there is a misconception that what you do is just fun and glamorous since you get to travel round the world?

KK: Perhaps! But TV, just like social media, is heavily edited. You only see the glory…we take care to hide the guts firmly out of sight! (laughs).

OB: Tell us about this new project you have been working on? The launch of your website, all the details

KK: I’ve been working on building my personal brand – so some people may have noticed my handle change on social media. A lot of people don’t realise that I’m actually freelance, meaning I am able to pick and choose what projects I’d like to work on, as opposed to being tied down to one company. I will be launching my website – www.keturahking.com where you’ll be able to keep up with my projects, learn more about me and interact with me on a more personal level. I’ll also be launching my food and travel blog – www.breakfastbeneaththestars.com as I am a HUGE foodie and I adore cooking and coming up with new recipes. As I travel and get to explore so many beautiful places. I want to be able to share that with everyone! In summation, you could say I am laying the foundation for my international brand.

OB: Do you think dressing the part is key media industry? If so, what are your style guidelines?

KK: Absolutely! Your outfit speaks before you do, and like it or not we live in society built on first impressions and snap judgements.

My only style guideline is dress as you want to be addressed. Some days, I’ll feel super glamorous and I want the world to know that I mayn’t be wearing a tiara that day, but I am a queen nonetheless, so I will show ALL THE WAY out. Manolos to the grocery store level showing out! Other days, I might wake up feeling like a take-no-prisoners-boss, and my outfit will reflect that. Stay comfortable and stay cute – there’s no use wearing those heels if you can’t walk in them, but there’s also never a reason to turn up in sweatpants. :-)

For more on Keturah, follow her on Instagram: @keturah_king | Twitter: @keturahkingcnn | Facebook: keturah.a.king | Visit her website – www.keturahking.com | and Blog: www.breakfastbeneaththestars.com


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