OB Valentines Day Giveaway!


Valentines is a time to give and receive love and in this season OnoBello.com, will be giving one lucky couple a gift of love.


We have teamed up with Total Shop Wigs, Brief Essentials, Liz Harrisonng, Vanskere and Zaron to give one lucky married couple a special valentine treat to remember.

The winning couple will receive:
A makeover from Zaron Cosmetics for the lady.


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A robe from Brief Essentials for the lady




A wig from Total Shop Wigs for the lady




A dress from Liz Harrison for the lady



A traditional attire from Vanskere for the man






To win for you and your husband/wife simply tell us how you met in the comments section below. Tell us your love story!


Please note that terms & conditions apply!




Leave your views in comments box below.

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Two comments

  1. It was in December 2010, I was in my father’s shop which I manage whenever I am not in school on this fateful day when two men came to buy some electrical parts.
    After selling to them, one of them started telling me how his brother who is in Lagos is in search of a wife and how I fit into the description he gave and so on, I was reluctant in engaging further in the discussion but I later agreed to see this brother of his and he collected my number to give to him so we can chat on phone. Later that night I received a call from the supposed brother, we talked at length, even though I have not seen him but I felt so relaxed and at peace talking to him on phone.
    He later came to see me few days later, he had a striking resemblance with one of the men that came the first day, I told him my observation, then he laughed and said he was actually the one but did not have the courage to talk to me at that time because of the way he felt at the moment (love at first sight). I was convinced that we were meant to be so I gave him the green light, he came to see my parents and said he wants the marriage to take place ASAP, a date was fixed and fast forward to April 2011 we got married. Our dating and courtship for the almost 4 months before we got married was through the phone. I was blindfolded by what I felt for him, that I didn’t bother doing any research about him before accepting his proposal😉😉 he too never concerned about any fact finding mission on myself or my family.
    The journey so far has been peaceful, joyful and fulfilling, we address our misunderstanding immediately, avoid third party interference, communication as a tool playing its own role.
    He is indeed everything I want in a man; loving, caring, understanding, tolerates my excesses and gives me my due respect.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better soulmate and life partner.
    We are blessed with three boys and our love is still growing stronger, just like old wine we keep getting better by the day.

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