#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 4: Omashola Says Tacha Irritates Him, HoH Applauded

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Day 4 of the Big Brother Naija season 4 took another dimension after Big Brother held its first real diary room; there was definitely a lot that came out from the housemates. Apparently some housemates do irritate each other, ooops!

See below our top moments from Big Brother Naija Day 4 – Thursday, July 4, 2019 

1. Housemates Share Childhood MemoriesLion King

It was a morning like any other, but this time, the voices of the Housemates could be heard chatting animatedly about their favourite cartoons growing up. Frodd and Seyi were extra chirpy reeling out names of 90s cartoons they spent most of their time watching as kids.

A popular favourite among the Housemates was ‘Tom and Jerry’  and ‘The Lion King,’ with Avala admitting the latter made her cry.

2. Biggie Wants Housemates to Kept Mute 

After days of being vocal, Biggie decided to take away that privilege from the Housemates by making today’s Task about Silence. Housemates were asked to be silent and not whisper, murmur, whistle, write, draw, sing or laugh loudly.

The Housemates Challenge, according to Biggie, will help with self-reflection. Housemates were expected to carry on their usual House activities just like they would if they could speak. They prohibited from sleeping and covering their faces.

The Challenge ends for individual Housemates the moment he/she gets summoned into the Diary Room where they can get to speak.

3. Omashola Bares It All! Warri Style!Omashola

Tonight, original ‘Wafi’ boy Omashola was the star in today’s Diary Room chit chat with Biggie. It was legit hilarious as he switched languages and gave gave funny expressions.

When Big Brother asked him about his thoughts on the ladies in the House, Omashola words were “Dem make sense die”. He also told Biggie that the Housemates were bonding too much and should be given tasks that will slacken the bonds they have built among themselves.

On which Housemate irritated him, he revealed Tacha irritated him from the beginning. He said he was pained when Tacha downgraded other Housemates on launch night.

4. HoH gets Appraisal from HousematesJeff

Mr. Perfect’, ‘democratic’, ‘selfless’, ‘nice’ and trustworthy’ were some of the words used to describe the Head of House, Jeff. Except for Housemates such as Ella who was unbothered Jeff has HoH and Mike who said the HoH likes to separate himself from the majority, Jeff was applauded by other housemates as being a good Head of House this week.

5. Church Saves GedoniGedoni

Gedoni, Khafi, Esther, Nelson had an insightful conversation about failed investments. Gedoni revealed how he made a wrong investment with his hard earned money. This misstep had him squatting with his friend for close to a year and at a point in his life, he became depressed and he cut himself out of everything happening around him. He also disclosed that what made him rise above it was the church.

6. Nelson is a sweet Chick!

Th Housemates explore fun games while keeping mute all through.Nelson who was glammed up by Isilomo said he allowed it because he was bored and he didn’t want to sleep since it was prohibited during the Task.

However, the Mr. Universe did  state that he was very uncomfortable wearing those props.  “Ladies are trying” he said.

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