#OBBBNaijaSpecial: Top Moments From #BBNaija2019 Day 5: Party With DJ Xclusive, Eviction Stares!

BBN 2019

Day 5 of Big Brother Naija season 4 “Pepper Dem” edition was filled with mixed feelings – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Here is our top moments from BBNaija Day 5 – July 5, 2019

1. Tacha Schools Jeff On Gender Equality

What started off with Jeff reading out the Day’s Task and selecting Team Captains for the first Bet9ja Arena Games fast turned into a heated session. Jeff selected an all-male Captain for each of the three Teams and Tacha who clearly wasn’t having it made her displeasure known to Jeff.

Today’s Task was to divide the House into three Teams. Each team comprising of seven Housemates with a blend of both genders for the Bet9ja Games. Well, Tacha thought Jeff got it all wrong with his Team Captains selection and accused him of not being gender balanced. “Seriously, I am not happy… that is very very wrong,” she said. “It’s either we have two girls and a guy or two guys and a girl,” she insisted.

Backed by Khafi, who also questioned why only guys were selected, the two insisted Jeff make amends by ensuring fairness in his selection. In his defence, Jeff said he made the selection to ensure all the Teams had equal strength.

2. Ella’s White Soup is a Goal!Ella

Ella went Nigerian on the Housemates last night as she cooked the native “white soup” for all of them. Khafi who was probably eating the soup for the first time ate to her fill.

London “cop,” told Ella that she enjoyed the food so much – to which Ella responded that cooking gave her joy.

3. Eviction!Bags

The Housemates received what may seem as the shocker of their lives today. This Sunday, the Housemates will experience their first live Eviction show.

On this note, the Housemate/Housemates with the lowest total amount of Bet9ja Coins will be Evicted from Biggie’s House. Oh no! Which of the Housemates will not be able to survive this?

This surprise birthed an emotional moment as fear and anxiety crept on their faces.

4. Green Team Takes The Day 

From altercations to the Arena Games, the day had more than we could handle. The First Bet9ja Arena Games had the Green Team winning and smiling to the Bank.

5. Turn up with DJ Xclusive!xclusive

The Pepper Dem gang will be having their first Saturday Night Party in the House this Saturday and Superstar DJ, Xclusive will be present to light up the House.

6. Irritated Housemates

The Housemates reveal which Housemates get on their nerves and has inconvenienced their stay in the House.

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