#OBBNaijaSpecial! Miracle Emerges Winner Of The Big Brother Double Wahala

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When Ebuka told them to take one last walk and switch off the lights in the House, Miracle and Cee-C knew that one of them was the ultimate Housemate for this season’s Double Wahala.

With smiles all over their faces as they switched one light at a time, they finally said their goodbyes to Big Brother and exited for the main stage.

When Davido’s Fall faded, the mood electrified as the Housemates entered the stage and soon after, Ebuka had to calm the crowd to which he slightly succeeded.

Winning Before Winning

Miracle’s will to win has always been rewarded by his ability to give his all in every challenge given to him. Whether it’s the Head of House, a Task or the Arena games, he always brought his A-game.

So when he was announced as the overall winner for the Payporte’s Arena games, it came as no surprise as he’s won more than any other Housemate.

With an overall time of 53 minutes and 30 seconds throughout the season, Miracle was awarded a cash prize of One Million Naira.

The Crowning

As usual, Ebuka asked the auditor to confirm if the results were independently verified and the auditor confirmed.

After they were shown the prizes to be won and with a total of thirty million votes this week; after a long silence and seeing both contestants shaking and nervous, Miracle emerged as the ultimate Big Brother Naija winner.

Emotions ran high from everyone and Miracle’s in-House sweetheart Nina; was at the fore embracing him as he struggled getting up after his excitement threw him on the ground.

Champaign splashing and everyone gathering to embrace him, finally he stood up and continued to celebrate in disbelief.

Congratulations Miracle, a race well run.


Here are the highlights from the Big Brother Live Show


The race for the ultimate prize is now between Cee-C, Miracle and Tobi as Alex was announced as the third runner up missing out on the ultimate prize

The Shaku Shaku queen, as widely refered to among her social following has been one of the Housemates who’ve showed realness in the House.Whether it’s crying a river, dancing or just voicing out how she feels, she surely brought memorable moments in the House.

The remaining top three, Cee-C, Miracle and Tobi are all deserving of the spot as they’ve remained the talk amongst the Big Brother Naija community.

A few things has made them stand out; their on camera relationships, the spirit and drive shown when it came to the Payporte’s Arena games or just speaking their minds.

However, Cee-C and Tobi’s back to back quarrels have always kept people talking. Although, in the end they tried and failed dismally being civil with each other, they managed to win the voter’s hearts.

For Miracle, his relationship in the House and his ability to remain calm while having his eye set on winning, whichever task given, gave him a warranted favour from his followers.

May The Best Housemate Win

Coming this far and beating all odds to be remembered as Nigeria’s top three is something the Housemates should proud of. The strength and challenges that came with being in an isolated space without any form of communication with the outside world could crack anyone and these three remained steadily focused on the prize and for that we hail all of them.


Clad in a sexy plunging neckline black maxi dress with dramatic feathered sleeves, the dainty Nina sashayed out of the Big Brother Naija “Double Wahala” House with pride having completed all 85 days of the Season and of course leaving her love-interest, Miracle.

Shortly after Big Brother addressed the Top 5, they were taken down memory lane as well-wishes from the fallen Double Wahala Housemates filled the lounge screen. There was no dry eye in the room as they witnessed how they had all, in Biggie’s words, “changed and grown”. Yes it all looked like they have always been one happy family.

What made Nina’s Eviction special was that she got to walk out of the House hand-in-hand with our Host, the forever-dapper Ebuka who complimented her look in his black and royal blue dinner suit. We’ll give her that!

Seeing her former love-interest, Tobi walk out of the House before her seemed to be the most shocking part for Cee-C as she fiddled with her hair while Miracle did the honourable thing and popped the champers. The moment truly deserved champagne daaaarling”


Once on stage, Tobi expressed his love for Alex but safely placed her in the friendzone and as though calling a truce, declared that there was no beef between him and Cee-C and was open to a friendship moving forward.

Facing Destiny

Back in the Double Wahala House, Ebuka joined the final two for the emotional tradition of switching the lights off and making their final walk to their destinies.






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