#OBRelationships: I Had A One Night Stand On The Eve Of My Wedding


I can’t believe I had a one night stand a night before my wedding day. I never thought this would happen to me, It feels surreal, I feel like I am dreaming but then I am sitting down in tears thinking about my experience and if to tell my husband. Could this be the end of my marriage, or should I take this secret to my grave… I Need Help.

My Story: I met my husband at my best friend’s engagement party, last year. The smile on his face when he gave a speech about the newly engaged couple melted my heart. The words that came out of his perfectly rounded mouth were so pure, and that moment I knew I had found the one.

My best friend got married three months after her engagement party and I was her Chief Bridesmaid and my husband was the best man. At the wedding we formed a bond that was unbreakable, we danced together, laughed together, did every thing a couple in love would do together, (apart from love making ofcause) LOL.

My husband and I started dating almost immediately and everyday was perfect, although we had our differences but we handled it like it was nothing. Four months into our relationship, He popped the question at my mum’s birthday, I was ecstatic and super pumped. Even if we only dated for four months, I felt like we have known each other forever.

The day of my Bachelorette party came, and I was the happiest bride to be. Dressed in my white off shoulder jumpsuit, I was looking like a princess. My girls and I went to Zenbar for drinks that night and after filling up our tank, we went upstairs to SIP Club to get our groove on. Everyone there knew I was getting married because I had my pink sash on and my beautiful tiara on my three bundles perfectly made hair.

We danced the night away, and popped bottles upon bottles. I even ignored the fact that I was light headed and drowned my self in two bottles of Veuve Clicquot.

As  dancing with my tipsy self and friends, there he was giving me the sexy eye. This guy is the perfect brown skin guy i have ever met in my life. That moment I didn’t think about my husband, I didn’t think about my wedding which was in 5 hours, No. I was just thinking about the perfect brown skin bearded guy who was giving me the sexy eye.

It’s two hours past midnight and we needed to get back to our hotel so we could get some sleep and wake up shinning for my wedding. I and the girls left the club and then the perfect brown skin guy followed suit. I knew he was coming to talk to me, so I slowed down and allowed my friends walk ahead. He came close and we talked for a minute on my way to the car. After the conversation, He asked for my number and I gave him without hesitation. I don’t know why I did this, maybe I thought he wasn’t going to call a soon to be married woman.

I guess I thought wrong, Perfect Brown Skin guy called thirty minutes after getting to my hotel. We didn’t talk much because I told him I had to get some sleep before my big day. He sounded so nice and caring. He even prayed for me… Weird. As soon as I got off the phone a text came in from Perfect Brown Skin Guy asking for my hotel address. I was confused. I didn’t reply immediately of cause. I looked at my friend who was snoring away beside me. The liquor in my system was messing with my head. Was I Horny? All I could think about was perfect brown skin guy. I sent him the address and ten minutes later, he called my phone saying he was at the hotel. I went outside to meet him in his car which was at the parking lot.

We talked for some minutes and He told me had to let me go and get married. I smiled, we hugged and said our goodbyes. But I couldn’t leave the car. The sexual tension was intense and then it happened. We had crazy hot sex at the back of his car. How did I let this happen, I don’t know. Immediately after the encounter, I ran out of his car without saying a word to him. Then I knew my life was over. I rolled on the bed all night with tears soaking my pillow.

I wasn’t the happiest bride anymore, my friends were asking me what the problem was and if I was alright, because I had the biggest eye bags ever. I never said a word to anyone, not even my best friend who looked at me with all smiles as i said my vows to my husband.

I don’t know how I am going to live with myself. My husband was at home getting ready for our big day and I was getting down with a stranger. Everyday I look at my husband and I want to just tell him, but the fear of loosing my marriage and everything good we shared wouldn’t let me.

It’s been Four months since that night, and I pray everyday that I don’t see Perfect Brown Skin Guy. That is one night that will forever haunt me till I die.



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