#OBRelationships! The Viral Proposal Gone Wrong At The Lagos Mall, Who Is To Blame?

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It is so sad that we are starting the new year with alot of relationship chaos and controversies. Since the beginning of this year, we have seen women cry over their failed relationships, or husbands having side chics, or boyfriends having a wife and children. We thought that all that ended last year with the “Men are Scum” Saying but then here we go again…

Yesterday morning, we stumbled upon a post on facebook that shook us real hard. A lady who has been dating a guy for months decided to surprise him with a marriage proposal at the Ikeja City Mall. Well it ended up being her worst nightmare.

The proposal video which went viral on social media, shows a man, presumably Nigerian, rejecting his grilfriend’s proposal. The young lady who might have waited for him to pop the question, took it upon herself to do the asking inside a mall. The man who appeared shocked, hugged her and walked away without taking her ring. The young lady couldn’t hold back her tears as she wept profusely after the rejection.

Watch the video below




Now this morning, it was revealed by the victims friend that the boyfriend who rejected her proposal was married and assumed to have kids.

The friend came out on social media to spill the hot jist. Read below


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This has caused quite a stir on social media, and females are blaming the man, while the men are blaming the Victim (Woman). Some people are saying the lady should have done a background check on the guy, since she was intimate and dating him for months. Others are saying the Man should have told the lady that he is married so as to avoid future calamities.

Now, the question here is Who is to blame? The Lady or the Married Man? Let us hear your thoughts about this heartbreaking situation.




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