#OBRelationships! Woman In Shock After Husband Forged Her Death Certificate To Escape With His Mistress

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Media Personality, Toke Makinwa, on her Twitter, has shared a story a friend sent to her.

It’s a heartbreaking story, and you have to wonder why some people do what they do.

The woman in the story said she’s married with 4 children.

About a year ago, she discovered her husband was seeing another woman. When she challenged him, he apologised.

However, recently, she found in his car US visas belonging to her husband and his mistress.

In her husband’s visa application form, he wrote that his wife was dead and buried. Attached to the form was her death certificate, along with a marriage certificate with his mistress.

Read the full story below:




If you were in the woman’s shoes, what will you do about this situation?


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