OBTV: Eku Edewor, Gbemi Phillips & Vimbai Mutinhiri on New Episode of “Chick Chat Live”


On the first segment of this episode, guests Eku Edewor, Gbemi Phillips and Vimbai Mutinhiri join the host of the show, Cornelia O’Dwyer, to discuss balancing ‘Your Work & Your Private Life’.

They address physical, social and emotional boundaries in the workplace. They also address how far talent can take you in a crowded market place and how long being too circumspect about private affairs can work for you.

The Chick Chat Hot Topic of the day is “Stooping to conquer”. The story deals with a lady who has been asked by her mother-in-law to call her brother-in-law who is the same age as her, uncle. She soon finds that her husband doesn’t think it is a big deal and worries what else they may spring on her.

Watch below.


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