Omah Lay And Tems Finally Open Up About Their Controversial Arrest In Uganda

Omah Lay and Tems OnoBello

After returning to Lagos, Omah Lay and Tems on Friday shared their version of events regarding their widely-published arrest in Uganda.

Recall that the fast-rising Nigerian singers were arrested on Sunday, December 13, and consequently charged to court for performing at an “authorised concert” and disobeying COVID-19 protocols in the East African country.

Taking to Twitter to recount his experience, Omah Lay — real name Stanley Omah Didia — described the past few days as ‘toughest of my life’ and claimed he was treated like a common criminal after his arrest. In one tweet, the singer appreciated fans who came out to watch him perform, before clarifying that it was never his intention to cause any harm that could have likely caused the spread of infectious disease.

According to him, the show promoters confirmed and proved they’d secured all clearances including COVID-19 compliance, paving the way for him to make himself available for the event. The singer also tendered a public apology to his family, team, and fans for the ‘sleepless nights’ he had caused them and thanked everyone who played a role to help facilitate his release from prison.

Tems — real name Temilade Openiyi — also took to her Instagram page expressing regret over the turn of events. “I’m truly saddened that attendees could have possibly been exposed to covid-19. I would never have participated I had even the slightest knowledge that the event would not meet standard operating procedure and put Uganda citizens at risk,” she wrote.

She went on to thank the Nigerian and Ugandan governments for the roles they played in resolving the issue. Tems also thanked all her fans and well-meaning Nigerians and Ugandans who supported her during her arrest.

According to the music star, she also got to see and experience firsthand the strife women go through in while detention. “The past week has been difficult but eye-opening for me. While I was being detained I met some amazing women and children, and my eyes were opened to the strife and hurt a lot of women are going through,” she wrote.

The singer and Omah Lay returned to the country on Thursday, December 18, days after their arrest in Uganda for flouting the Covid-19 guidelines. The news of their arrival was announced by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission’s Twitter page.

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