Omowunmi Akinnifesi Launches ‘Omowunmi’ Clothing Line



Ex-beauty queen, Omowunmi Akinifesi is set to launch her clothing line – Omowunmi on Sunday, 7th of February at the Polo Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Omowunmi’s label was created from a desire to create a fresh urban persona for a woman with a social lifestyle. Her thirst for beautiful and trendy things that depicts a sociable woman played a key role.

The Nigeria-based women’s clothing label incorporates vibrant, colourful and urban designs on high quality fabrics to create unique apparel with printed fabrics in bold colours, 3D designed petals, structural pieces and simplistic fine lines showcasing what label is about.

With a target of women between ages 20 to 40, the brand boast of two ranges – ‘MOMA’ which includes elegant Caftans for women who love the one piece, well-embroidered rich, effortlessly chic and elegant look and ‘OMA’, which forms her initials and signifies a woman of class who likes to express herself in the simplest form.

According to the creative designer, “Omowunmi is a label that depicts a woman personifying freedom, elegance and class. It is for the woman with a social lifestyle, encompassing an outfit for work, black-tie, cocktail, party wear, day wears and even linen beach wear. An Omowunmi woman has a certain lifestyle; she’s social yet reserved, trendy yet effortlessly chic. She reflects a girl next door who embodies the Celebrity Culture.”

Miss Akinifesi produces an exciting range of outfits through her strong sense of personal style and identity from Petal prints to Monochrome, Pearly and Coal palettes.

The campaign photos are out and oh…you’ll love it!

See the photos below!

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Connect with Omowunmi at:

Instagram: @shopOmowunmi

Twitter: @shopOmowunmi

Facebook: Omowunmi Ready to wear brand





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