Ono’s Diary: Interview With Miss Universe- Leila Lopes

Hello my dear readers,

It’s been a while since I updated my diary, reason being, its been very manic here as we are working on a new and exciting PR campaign for an international beauty brand launching it’s first stand alone store in Nigeria, I will be dishing on that in the next couple of weeks so don’t go away.

In the mist of it all, I had the pleasure of meeting with Leila Lopes the current Miss Universe from Tanzania last week Wednesday, 13th of June 2012. Miss Lopes who was in Nigeria for the SOS Charity tour. Before coming to Nigeria Miss Lopes had visited other West African countries -Senegal, Abidjan and Togo as part of the SOS charity West Africa tour.

Here, I am wearing a faded blue denim shirt and black skinny jeans both from Levi’s. I changed my hairstyle from the big Afro I have been spotting for the last six weeks to this long flowing locks with a full fringe ….you like?

My team and I were scheduled to have a fashion photoshoot with Miss Universe.

With Leila Lopes

We had beautiful clothes from LDA, Odio Minomet and Bridget Awosika plus photographer Moussa Moussa and his crew present to bring our ideas to life, we had it all planned out and were at Moorhouse in Ikoyi early that Wednesday morning at 8am to set up for what we anticipated will be a beautiful shoot. After waiting a whole two and a half hours, Miss Lopes came down with her manager and team and informed us that they had to leave for the SOS village immediately, so there was no photoshoot! What a disappointment for all of us! Oh well… I guess it comes with the fashion industry.

As you may know, Leila Lopes made history on September 2011 as the first woman from Angola to win the Miss Universe title. Since being crowned Miss Universe 2011, the 26-year-old stunner has traveled internationally to promote her charity work and country, a former Portuguese colony still recovering from a twenty-seven year Civil War. Despite the country’s harrowing past, Leila remains optimistic and hopeful about the future of the African nation which has seen economic, social and cultural change in recent years.


Before she set out, she sat down for 30minutes to give me a very short interview.


OB: When you were a kid did you think you would be a beauty queen?

LP: In 1999 I saw contest for Miss Universe in my mind I wanted to be.


OB: Did u start beauty pageant when you were young?

LP: There was a competition in the UK Miss Angola, so I contested and I won, so automatically I had to go to Angola for the Miss Angola beauty pageant. I won Miss Angola too, and then I won Miss Universe.


OB: So how has your experience been so far, been Miss Universe?

LP: Miss universe is the biggest, we were 89 girls from all over the world. We all were beautiful, Miss Ukraine, “Olesay Stefanko” and I made it to the top two.


OB: What were you studying in the UK?

LP: Business Administration

OB: What do your duties entail as Miss Universe?

LP: Miss universe gives you the opportunity to go all over the world.  A little bit of everything.


OB: Tell me a bit about yourself, and how do you relax?

LP: I would be going into acting. In my spare time I like to be with friends and Skype with family members.


OB: What are your goals?

LP: I want own my cosmetic line and clothing line. It’s going to be very great for my country Angola. I like to help people. I want to get married, and have a nice family.


OB: I have never been to Angola, so what is your country like?

LP: My country is developing very fast, we speak Portuguese, its the best country in the world.


OB: How is Lagos treating you?

LP: The traffic is crazy


OB: What are the qualities you look in a guy?

LP: He has to be respectful, he has to have a huge sense of humor. My boyfriend has it all.


With Eku Edewor who was there to interview Leila Lopes for Mnet 53Extra



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