Ono’s Diary: Celebrating International Women’s Day in a Print Dress by Mazelle

Ono's Diary OnoBello-0319

Today is a special day for women around the world and to mark this special day and being a woman, I am wearing this gorgeous dress by fast rising brand Mazelle Studio. I love this brand because for the pieces are for any modern timeless woman. Most women need pieces that will complement our own personal style and transcend through time and I believe Mazelle meets this need. Have a look at their most recent collection here, also check them out on Instagram page here!

I have paired the very feminine dress with strappy pointed pumps and a nice bold neckpiece. See more photos below!

What do you think of my “Keke” ride for the day…)? Make sure to follow me on Instagram @onodiary

Have a great day! Xoxo

Ono's Diary OnoBello-0290


Ono's Diary OnoBello-0296


Ono's Diary OnoBello-0298


Ono's Diary OnoBello-0301


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