Ooops! Mochedda Pulls A Steve Harvey, See Moe Musa’s Response

Mochedda-OnoBello (1)

Something of epic proportions happened yesterday evening when singer cum fashion slayer Mochedda, took to Instagram to share a video of one of her recording sessions.

In the short clip, Mochedda displayed her vocal prowess in the studio with music producer, Mosa also known as itsmosa. The song we believe might be off her upcoming album. However, it seems Miss Modupe made a terrible mistake in her caption as she tagged video director, Mr Moe Musa instead of Itsmosa.

A harmless mistake you’ll agree? Well, Mr Moe Musa didn’t think so however as he jumped on Mochedda’s post to point out her mistake in what some have term a “no chill” manner, calling Mo unprofessional. As you can imagine, a shocked Mochedda then responded to Musa saying: “@mrmoemusa this is quite uncalled for, I was trying to refer to my producer @itsmosa”.

See screenshots of the whole dramatic incidence below…


Mochedda-OnoBello (2) Mochedda-OnoBello (3) Mochedda-OnoBello (4)



Still wondering why we labeled it a Steve Harvey move? Click here to find out!




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