Open Letter To Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty OnoBello

Duncan Mighty get your facts right! .
1. “Ono Bello” is the First Name and Surname of our Editor-In- Chief & Founder.

2. Ono is a “She” not “He”.

3. She has never met or spoken to you before.

4. The story we reported on Sunday reads: “Singer Duncan Mighty In Domestic Violence Saga, Allegedly Beat Wife Up!”, find out what allegedly means. We also had an exclusive picture to support this story.

5. If the story is not true, then address it with evidence instead of writing things we cannot understand.

Ps: We also received another story from an ex of yours you dated in University of Calabar who attested to your alleged domestic violence and says you beat her with a pair of heels and she had to get five stitches on her head! We have decided not to publish that yet.

All we are saying is: SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

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One comment

  1. disappointing to here and see this. If she is abused, she should file a charge and get a record.
    Onobello you need to tread carefully.. If you use this approach , you will ruin his career and still not solve the problem unless that is not your aim
    You’ve gotta decide what you want to achieve.
    To combat physical abuse? Very good cause.
    To help his wife find her voice and either leave the marriage or stop him from abusing her while staying in the marriage, a tougher call and you need diplomacy in that approach.
    Go viral while bringing attention to the case of physical abuse, which seem to be your present approach….

    I don’t know any of the parties concerned and won’t lose any sleep if you use any of the methods to handling this story but note, that woman may not be in a good position to walk out of that situation or may not be even ready to walk. So think about it for a minute. If she is not strong enough to stand/defend herself, the abuse will intensify and a situation that needs counseling will become unbearable and she is already a punching bag what do you think will happen) . I have dealt with a lot of abused women (sister, niece etc) Extricating abused women from their situations , ain’t easy and you better offer the necessary financial and emotional support that will be needed

    Just my 2 cents

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