“Out Here, Nobody Cares About the Rules”, Seyi Shay Tells NY Times in New Interview

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With the ever rising growth of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, the music has been been described as one making a global impact with not just collaborations with international artistes but an increasing interest in the lives of the musicians themselves.

Dionne Searcey of the New York Times published an interesting piece on piracy in Nigeria with Award winning songstress Seyi Shay as a focal point. The article highlights the reality of the Nigerian musician who is subject to piracy in a market where they should ordinarily thrive; where they have to be paid to be heard and even give up rights to their music like Seyi Shay who allowed her song to be used for free as the soundtrack of a popular video game.

According to Seyi Shay – ‘’Out here, nobody cares about the rules” which is true as the singer confessed to making only a little money from sales as a result of the rampant piracy thereby relying on endorsements and shows to make money.

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