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Beauty echoes simplicity, charm, and attraction. Every woman who is keen on how she looks spends thousands of naira a year on makeup products to enhance her features.It’s only natural that as a woman ages, the more she spends on beauty products to look younger and get a flawless look. In this beauty obsessed world we live in today there are several tempting adverts that promote products that promise ageless beauty, elongated lashes, kissable long lasting lipsticks, just name it and there are products that promise to give you whatever you want, some even go as far as going under the knife of plastic surgeons.

Your face and appearance says a lot about your personality and that is the reason most of us strive to take particular care of it. One out of eight women still struggle with how to apply make-up the right way. Follow these tipsand you are sure of a youthful and flawless look, thank goodness for these products that are handy to help you achieve your desired look.


Start with a clean and moisturized face.

Apply a concealer to cover, pimples, spots, dark circles e.t.c that appears on the skin. It can also be used to even out the skin tone and discolouration caused by factors such as sunlight. Apply several dots with your index finger or a pad to dark corners under the eye to cover dark circles. Apply more dots on uneven spots/blemishes on the face. Tap with a pad or middle finger into the skin. DO NOT RUB. As we age, the skin under the eye gets thinner. Applying too much concealermay appear like concrete paste.

Recommended concealers

Make sure an expert at the beauty counter recommends the right shade for your skin tone

After the concealer comes the foundation. This is the base, therefore most important, be patience. If using a liquid foundation, apply dotsaround the centre part of your face and blend it out with a brush, sponge/pad or with our finger tips until it covers your entire face. Do not forget to apply some under the chin, upper parts of your neck, around the ear and hairline. Applying too much foundation will result in a whitish finish, it would only make you look older and not to talk about possible cracks that will look like wrinkles. You don’t want to end up looking like this.

Follow the rule, “less is more”, when applying foundation. Aim for maintaining your own skin tone. Avoid applying layers upon layers of foundationand keep in mind that your skins needs to breath. Well-hydrated skin looks more youthful.The best way to know if you have used too much foundation is to take a picture with the flash on. The results will tell.

Next stage involves locking in the concealer and foundation. Use a pressed or loose powder to keep the foundation and concealer in place for longer. Depending on your skin type, there are different types of pressed/loose powers available such as oil-bloating powder which is suitable for oily skin. Remember to take have one on the road with you for occasional touch ups. Another ‘makeup on the go’ most have is a pack bloating paper.

When it comes to defining the eyebrow, do not use colour pencils on your eyebrows except you are auditioning for a role to play a crown. For a natural look, use a dark brown color pencil or eyebrow shadow. Wax or thread your eyebrows in a particular pattern of your choice.

For longer lasting shadow, apply eye base such as a primer to your lids. Use a liner to define the eyes. For a more natural look avoid using black, go for lighter shades such as dark grey or dark brown. If, applying liner at the bottom of the eyes, run an eye brush or the tip of your finger to prevent a defined look that might make you look older.

Eye Shadow colours such as green, blue, purple eye shadows are memories of the 1990’s instead use natural colours and earthy tones such as brown, gold, taupe, and beige. The smoky eye effect and three-toned shadow blended well is gorgeous. Start with a light shade from the inner corner of the eye. Sweep the colour up to the brow bone. Next use a medium colour across your lid. Follow with a darker colour in the crease. Blend the colour well into each other for a perfect finish.

For a Smoky Eye effect, go for a dark brown or dark grey smoky eye makeup as opposed to the usual black to avoid a gothic outcome. Start with an eye shadow base then apply a light base colour over the eyelids to your brow bone. Next blend in a darker colour below the crease of the eyelid, use an eye shadow brush to blend in the colours starting from your lash line. Stop once you reach the crease in your eyelids

Warning!!! This is not a smoky eye effect. Leave this look for ‘rock stars,’ they are paid more than enough to get away with this.

Most mascara’s have different effects, some add volume, others elongate, most moisturize. Decide on the one that most suits your need. Before, applying the mascara, use an eyelash curler for attractive longer looking lashes. Avoid using mascara on the lower lashes, it tend to attract attention to puffy bags and dark areas under the eye. Thinking false eyelashes? Deciding between the individual ones or the full strip false lashes? Individual lashes are applied on your own natural lasher for a fuller, more natural look. The advantage of this is you can apply to specific areas on the eye for a more natural look, the often last for about 3 to 7days. The main disadvantage of individual lashes is that you might end up lash-less. The strip false lashes are applied to the eyelid above the natural lash line. Colour false lashes are a definite no-no, stick to the natural colour of your own lashes, black or dark brown.

Lastly for the perfect eye make-up, brighten your eyes with a highlighter. Most make-up brands have highlighters. However you can simply used a lighter shaded eye shadow to achieve this look. Apply under the eyebrow line concentrating on the mid-brow.

Just like the face, lips need to be exfoliated and moisturized to get reed of dry, chapped and dead skin. Choosing a lipstick color that suits your skin tone can be tasking. Not every colour in vogue is appropriate for you. Red was hot now pink is in. Avoid bright colours and dark shades as this makes you appear older, instead go for a more natural rose, peachy shade for a more youthful look. Use a lip liner that is the same colour as the lipstick to create a defined look like this

Using a different shade of liner from the lipstick is tacky

There are two things wrong with this picture 1st the lip liner is too defined. The best way to correct this is with a lip brushed. Apply over the lip liner in strokes from left to right this will create the appearance of a smudged look. Using a totally different colour of lip liner from the lipstick would result in a scary look

Line your lips after applying lipstick so when it fades you do not end up with dark circles the lip. You can mix colours and textures to suit your moods. Avoid using colour to match your outfit and go for sheer gloss over lipstick.

To apply blush, smile to find the apples of your cheeks. For a younger look, lightly apply with a blushing brush over your cheekbone. Remember, the aim is not to look like a red. Choose lighter shades close to your skin tone. Excess blush will only reveal dry skin.

There are many ways to apply make-up to look younger, however without exercise, good health and a balanced diet, no amount of money spent on product with make you look younger for longer.

The 3 keys steps to maintaining younger looking features are;

Step 1: Wash you face daily with an alcohol free wash for your skin type.

Step 2: Moisturize daily, before applying any make-up such as cover up, concealers or foundation.

Step 3: At the end of the day, wash off the make-up with facial whips or wash and use a moisturizer preferably a night cream to prevent cracks and dry skin.

Always keep in mind these points:

Because it works for your friend doesn’t mean it would work for you

It is an advert and they are all models

Educate yourself on the product before you commit yourself to it

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