P-Square: Breaking Up? Reconciled?? Publicity Stunt???

Paul & Peter Okoye with their wives, Lola & Anita Kids

It all started with a tweet by senior brother and ‘caretaker’ to Africa’s biggest music group, P-Square, Jude Okoye. Ordinarily, it could (and may actually) have meant anything other than the breakup of the group, but due to ‘insider information’ fuelled further by the fact that Jude had failed to attend one of the twins, Peter’s wedding to Lola Omotayo, it was taken to mean that all was not well in the Okoye family.


Within the twinkling of an eye, stories began flying around at a rate faster than the wildest wild fire about how the group was on the verge of a bitter and acrimonious split. The rumours were only fuelled by the initial silence of the parties involved in the immediate aftermath of the story breaking despite the fact that the publicist of the group insisted that all was fine. Afterall, a publicist is always supposed to deny and deny and deny some more, any information that could be detrimental to his client’s well-being (and by extension, his job) people said.

P-Square with their elder brother & manager, Jude Okoye

All of a sudden, almost everyone had an ‘insider’ or a ‘source within the camp’ who knew one thin or the other about the ‘disharmony’ amongst the brothers and consequently, stories began to flow. First, the brothers where involved in a violent fight which left Paul with a cut around his left eye, then it was that their late mother never liked Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo, which made Jude against Peter’s decision to get married to her. Then there was the story about Jude and Paul sidelining Peter from the group’s major decisions because he was ‘merely the dancer’. Next came the one of Peter and Lola moving out of the Squareville mansion because nobody liked Lola and that Peter gave the only condition for peace to be that his wife must be accepted and respected by the family or risk total isolation from him. Before long, the story moved to a Commissioner of police being invited to settle matters and then, a lawyer to negotiate the splitting of all their joint property and monies.

There was even the ludicrous story that Jude gave cash to Peter’s personal assistant to buy him a new car but the P.A diverted the funds.

It is claimed that the Okoyes don&#39t like Lola

Before long, the reactions changed asking if it was true that there was trouble in the camp to what would/should happen to remedy the situation and when Paul tweeted, “After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention…” it was taken by most if not all to be an official confirmation reactions included Cool FM OAP, Freeze leading a ‘prayer session’ on  tweeter against the demise of the group and Toni Payne going all out to defend Lola Omotayo and her role in the whole saga. It even got to the extent where it was reported that telecom giants Globacom would break-off their contract with the group in the event of their breakup.

OnoBello OnoBello
Freeze & P-Square P-Square have been foremost Globacom ambassadors since 2010

As they say, ‘the night is darkest just before dawn’ and so when it seemed that the die was finally cast, the family gave indications of their reconciliation when they jointly tweeted the following within minutes of each other


Fans heaved a collective sigh of relief and where even moiré delighted when the twins and their brother stepped out together at model Sarah Ofili‘s Ibiza House Party which took place on the night of April 26, 2014….

OnoBello OnoBello

Peace at last we all thought but then, the publicist to the group who had earlier maintained that there was no fight was reported to have said that the whole saga was just a publicity stunt the twins engaged in to shame bloggers. This development and the ones before leads us to say and ask the following;

What really is the excuse for Jude not attending Peter’s wedding to Lola, disagreements or not?

Brothers and by extension family members do have issues and fights and being superstars shouldn’t make the Okoyes any different. However, why have they allowed their family issues become public debate?

When the rumours of the disagreements first came out, why didn’t the twins themselves (and Jude too) deny it even if true just to save their family integrity?

Why did the family allow Lola (one of them regardless of whatever they really feel about her) become the public scapegoat?

Like a lot of people initially alleged, was it really all just a publicity stunt, because actually, the family never actually made any move to protect itself and seemed quite relaxed about the public throwing so much dirt about their family around. That isn’t normal or is it?

OnoBello OnoBello

Peter once took on bloggers when he posted this photo,
leading many to bloggers to criticise him

Before revealing the full photo showing he wasn&#39t the
one in it and proving his point

All the stories from ‘insiders’…who are these insiders and why did they all suddenly find a need to talk?

If P-Square is to ever split up, would they attempt to have solo careers? (on paper, that looks like a disastrous path).

This publicist that is claiming that it was all a publicity stunt…the only time people say that is when the rumours are actually true. Who wants to admit to trying to be in the news at the expense of their family name, isn’t that shameless?

And finally, now that all seems well in the Okoye camp, is that 6th album going to drop this year?

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