Painless & Hassle Free! Stella’s Addiction Shows How Threading Can Give You The Perfect Brows

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Bolanle Olukanni

Hey ladies! We know how pretty our brows make us look when perfectly done. We equally know how uneasy we could get when it is in a bad state. Achieving or grooming an eyebrow with thick and full arches can be a lot. If you are in any of such situation, don’t worry, there’s a remedy!

Eyebrow Threading is a cost-effective alternative that’s equally as good at shaping your brows. It’s much gentler and less painful than other options like waxing. With origins in Asia, the treatment has been around for centuries. But, anyone who’s never had their eyebrows threaded before probably wonders how a single piece of string shapes brows and gets rid of stray hairs.

We found a process video of Lagos based makeup artiste and brow technician, Stella of ‘Stella’s Addiction’ showing how hassle-free brow threading is.

Check out the video below.


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