Pepper Dem! All The Times #BBNaija Host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Slayed In Vanskere This Season

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As the Nigerian reality TV show Big brother Naija Pepper Dem edition gradually comes to an end, as the remaining housemates struggle to gain our attention hereby keeping us entertained, and social media keeping us updated with daily drama, the handsome – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu can not be left out as the poster boy host, week after week keeps serving lewks from various home grown fashion designers – A round of applause for theses designers as they have stayed true to their craft while sticking to the brief – Pepper Dem.

One designer whose pieces are still trending till date is that of Vanskere, the Unofficial King of Agbadas. The brand did not cease to keep it interesting with his geometric concepts of simple cuts, bold colors with a huge dose of quirkiness which has since garnered several praises.

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From the first weekly highlights when Ebuka appeared in a classic two piece kaftan with intricate yet rich embroidery, we got the memo – They Are Not Ready . And truly we were not, as this will not be the first time this brand would be changing the narrative of the traditional garb (Agbada). Remember the Agbada Challenge by AY the comedian when he announced that he was on the lockout for the best Agbada (Yoruba traditional wear) at the premiere and urged the invited guests to stick to the event’s Agbada dress code. … and veteran actor –  Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) stepped out in a never before seen floral concept ? Yes, that was Vanskere doing his thing, so we were very much expectant of what he would use this platform for. The stakes were high.

Then came the Cape Agbada .…We really did not see the Cape Agbada coming – Truly , we were not ready for this . In an attention arresting Cobalt Blue, 3 piece button down style, this concept changed everything we had known about the Agbada. It changed our beliefs in the volumes of fabric which was constantly folded on the shoulders of the wearer that we were used to . This saw us join the league of the new converts.

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Week after week, out of the box colors with simple cuts like the Remote Control traditional 2 piece , the color block pants and the military inspired kaftan , were served on nomination nights and highlights shows- The stage was his runway and he milked the limelight , keeping us entertained with classy and tasteful menswear fashion .

It wasn’t too long when  Vanskere broke the internet with the Mustard colored Mother of all capes Agbada. Replacing the norm embroidered chest plate with its signatural geometry of color palette – The kaftan cape Agbada was born .

Various social media memes have since surfaced and are still making the rounds . While we are having a good laugh , another master piece has made its way into the Nigerian fashion history gallery. And just like at fashion weeks, a new trend is here , a new era has begun .

Here are occasions the Vanskere brand got us talking at the Big Brother 2019 show.

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