Pick Your Favourite! The 32 Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria (MBGN) 2013 Contestants In Traditional Attire!

Oh my goodness! We just received these photos and are speechless!!!! Such beauties…. Each Contestant is clad in the local attire of the state they represent.

It’s imperative to note that each contestant is randomly given a state to represent. As a national brand MBGN provides the platform to showcase the rich culture of each state, as a result of not having delegates from all states, the chosen contestants are randomly assigned states thus this avails them the opportunity to research and learn more about that state.


Previously, two contestants were dropped out of the pageant, Ebonyi State representative, 22 year old Ujunwa Amanda Onwudilo was said to have dropped out for personal reasons while Miss Gombe, 23 year old Ifunanya Nledo was asked to leave after she reportedly failed to meet the organisers’ requirements.

The 32 contestants will be vying for the prestigious MBGN crown hosted by the Bayelsa state Government on Saturday 20, 2013. Live event begins at 7.00pm.

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Photography-Di-act photography



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