Powder Before Foundation? Love It Or Make It Stop!

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We simply love how makeup trends often take a dramatic turn and we never really know what to expect. One of the first things we all learnt about makeup is applying cream and liquid products before powder. The powder before and after foundation routine does seem like an absolute no-no, breaking the rules, a huge makeup contradiction and everything else that can describe why this should not be a thing. However, this may just be the new holy grail of maintaining an oil-free finish throughout the day, filling in pores and fine lines especially for our ‘combination’ to ‘oily’ skin type sisters.

We are pretty sure that a sizable chunk of monies may have been spent on every new product that swore to keep your face matte all day but did not quite live up to that expectation, this on the other hand will definitely stand the test of time!

This technique is pretty easy, none of that cream highlight and contour drama involved here *sigh of relief*…all you need is your powder; usually translucent either loose or compact and a brush or powder puff.


Step 1:

Prep your face with your moisturizer and or primer.

Step 2:

Buff on some powder all over your face or on your t-zones depending on your skin type. Try to keep the application as minimal as possible to avoid a cakey look.

Step 3:

Apply your go to foundation, either liquid or cream.

Step 4:

Set with your powder and carry on with the rest of your makeup routine!


We absolutely love this hack and clearly, we do not want it to go away! What’s not to love? You get to use less product, be less shiny, need less foundation throughout the day and have better coverage.

If you have not tried this already, give it a try and let us know how your makeup fared during the course of the day.





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