Power, Charm & Royalty! Clan Releases SS16 Collection ‘Tarsus’

1-Tarsus-OnoBello 2-Tarsus-OnoBello

We are adding some spice to your morning with this Spring/Summer 2016 collection by CLAN tagged ‘Tarsus’.

Who better to model these gorgeous pieces than the muse of the Nigerian brand Zainab Balogun.

The TV Personality brings the pieces designed by daughters of renowned Fashion designer Deola Sagoe to life!

Teni, Aba and Tiwa Sagoe tell us what the collection is about saying: “Tarsus is an expression of the inner strength and sense of purpose inherent in every woman and it is the recognition of these values that have formed the ideas behind each silhouette, and has been woven into the threads of each garment in the collection. Aubergine, the chosen CLAN colour of the season is a shade of purple, which represents royalty and wealth.”

See more pictures below.

-Tarsus-OnoBello (1) -Tarsus-OnoBello (2)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (3) -Tarsus-OnoBello (4)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (5) -Tarsus-OnoBello (6)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (7) -Tarsus-OnoBello (8)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (9) -Tarsus-OnoBello (10)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (11) -Tarsus-OnoBello (12)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (13) -Tarsus-OnoBello (14)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (15) -Tarsus-OnoBello (16)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (17) -Tarsus-OnoBello (18)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (19) -Tarsus-OnoBello (20)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (21) -Tarsus-OnoBello (22)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (23) -Tarsus-OnoBello (24)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (25) -Tarsus-OnoBello (26)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (27) -Tarsus-OnoBello (28)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (29) -Tarsus-OnoBello (30)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (31) -Tarsus-OnoBello (32)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (33) -Tarsus-OnoBello (34)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (35) -Tarsus-OnoBello (36)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (37) -Tarsus-OnoBello (38)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (39) -Tarsus-OnoBello (40)
-Tarsus-OnoBello (41) -Tarsus-OnoBello (42)

Shoot Credits

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo (Instagram: @lakinogunbanwo)

Hair & Makeup: Debola Falana (Instagram: @dfalanaartistry)

Model/Muse: Zainab Balogun (Instagram: @zainabbalogun)


All items are available to order immediately and will be in stock in the showroom from the 15th of November 2015.

For more information, follow CLAN on Instagram @clan_diaries


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