Princess Kate, Prince William, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris- London Premiere Of New James Bond Film ‘Spectre’

1. Naomie Harris James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” Naomie Harris 

You don’t get to see a princess walk the red carpet everyday! The royals enjoyed a glamorous night out on Monday at the world premiere of the new James Bond film, Spectre, at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Kate Middleton looked regal. The ever-glamorous Duchess of Cambridge looked absolutely striking in a bespoke full length grey blue silk chiffon gown with a crystal embellished belt accessorised with a silver clutch.

Prince William and Prince Harry looked dapper inclassic suits for the glittery red carpet.

Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Monica Belucci, Lea Seydoux and a host of others also graced the event.

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2. Prince William, Princess Kate & Prince Harry James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” 3. Princes Kate & Prince William James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”
Prince William, Princess Kate & Prince Harry Princes Kate & Prince William
6. Lea Seydoux & Monica Bellucci James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” 7. Lea Seydoux James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”
Lea Seydoux & Monica Bellucci Lea Seydoux
8. Lea Seydoux James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” 10. Monica Bellucci James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”
Lea Seydoux Monica Bellucci
11. Daniel Craig James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” 12. Naomie Harris James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”

Daniel Craig Naomie Harris

 4. Kate Middleton & Daniel Craig James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”  Kate Middleton & Daniel Craig5. Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello”  Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz9. Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig & Monica Bellucci James-Bond-Spectre-Premiere-OnoBello” Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig & Monica Bellucci 

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