“I Am A Very Proud Nigerian”- David Oyelowo, Award-Winning Actor Of ‘Selma’


The award-winning actor of ‘Selma’ David Oyelowo who played Martin Luther King, Jr. in the biographical drama film, recently visited Lagos for the Nigerian premiere of the hit movie, click here to view red carpet photos from the premiere.

Nigerian- British actor in a chat with PUNCH, gave tit bits about himself.

On what he misses most about Nigeria, he said:
“I miss pounded yam desperately. It is very tough to get that in Los Angeles. I really love Nigerian food because it is what I grew up eating. Unfortunately Los Angeles is not the best place to get Nigerian food.”

When asked if he would take the throne if he is called to become king, since he is from royalty, he said:
“I have a very happy life in Los Angeles and I don’t want to do anything I will not do well. If I am called to be a king, I would need to be in Nigeria to do it. My profession operates from Los Angeles. Maybe when I am much older, I would accept such.”

Talking about the growth of Nigeria in the last 8 years since he last visited, he said:
“I was in Nigeria about eight years ago and a lot of things have changed. I see a huge progress has been made in the country. It is nice to know that I can drive down a street and it would not be bumpy because of potholes. It is a nice development. The attitude of Nigerians has also changed and there is a real desire to rid the country of corruption. Also, there has been technological advancement in Nigeria. The mobile network revolution is amazing. I lived in Nigeria from 1982 to 1989 and the infrastructure I have also seen are really impressive.

Talking about the upcoming 2015 elections, he said:
“I am a very proud Nigerian and my prayer is that the coming election would not have a negative connotation where there would be any violence or corruption around the ballot boxes. There is a very beautiful narrative building around Nigeria and we are progressing in a lot of areas. I am just hoping that any troubles around the election would not set us back.”

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America



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