Quarantine Hack: Jackie Aina Shares Her Ultimate Guide To Applying Press-On Nails

Jacki Aina Press On Nails Tutorial OnoBello

From Chrissy Teigen to Ariana Grande, celebrities have also had to adapt to the lack of nail salons during the quarantine, sharing their DIY attempts to social media and the latest is Nigerian-American youtuber, Jackie Aina.

One great thing about one of the biggest beauty trend post-lockdown is that you really don’t have the skill to get it right. In her new video, the beauty vlogger just showed us how to win with press-on nails, so naturally, we have to try them now!

She says: “So I have been queen of press on nails for years! Here’s how I apply press on nails and maintain them through each pair! This is also a DIY nail care routine video. I also cover a LOT of frequently asked questions I typically receive regarding press on nails so make sure you watch the video all the way through.”

Watch below.

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